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New features in the on-line ordering system

Younger Optics Europe introduces several improvements to the online ordering system that will make ordering lenses easier and faster.

1) Order in progress

The ordering system now remembers your incomplete order.

You can modify and add lenses to your order within the next 30 days after it was created and submit it when it is convenient for you.

Once logged in, you will see your pending order by clicking on the orange "REVIEW YOUR ORDER" tab on the Select Lenses page.


2) Search by OPC code

On the Select lenses page, you can now search for a specific lens by OPC code.

After entering a valid OPC code and pressing the Search button, the detail of the corresponding product group with the selected lens opens immediately.

Illustration Illustration

3) Import orders from Excel files

Another new option is to import an order from an Excel file.

On the Import XLS Order page there are templates in XLS/XLSX formats.


In the template you fill in the OPC codes and the number of pieces. After uploading the file using the Choose File button, the entered data are verified.

If you have an order in progress, you need to complete or delete it first and repeat the import.

If the data entered is valid, the imported order can be entered into the cart. Of course, you can edit it further or leave it and place later.

For additional information please contact Younger Optics Europe customer service

November 2022

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