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App for touch-screen tablets on Apple and Android platforms

Younger Optics announces the launch of Nupolar polarized lenses App for touch-screen tablets on Apple and Android platforms. This app is the most advanced up-to-date tool for explaining and demonstrating polarized lenses technology and benefits. Designed for interactive use with vivid imaging and beautiful animation Nupolar App is perfect instrument for educating optical professionals and to be used in stores for demonstration of polarized lens visual advantages to the consumers. Currently available in 12 languages, Nupolar App is free and will be continually updated with the product and technology news. Additional languages will be also added in the follow-up upgrades. The results of the app test marketing demonstrated that the use of the Nupolar App in optical stores increases the staff awareness of polarized lenses which leads to tangible growth in sales. A vast majority of ophthalmic lens users who were shown the short presentation using the app indicated the intent to purchase polarized lenses.
To download the app for Apple Ipad follow this link
or just visit AppStore and search for NuPolar. To download Android version follow this link
 or go directly to Google Play market and search for word NuPolar . When the app icon appears, just tap on download button. Once the app is downloaded, the upgrade notifications will be received automatically.
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