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NUPOLAR® 1.50 Gradient Lenses Press-Release

Younger Optics Europe announces the launch of the Nupolar® polarized 1.50 index gradient
ophthalmic lenses – another significant addition to Nupolar® product line.

Nupolar® 1.50 Gradient will allow optical laboratories and opticians to offer the most fashionable
gradient tints in combination with polarization - the most technologically advanced feature of
ophthalmic sun lenses without need of unreliable lens tinting process.

Nupolar® 1.50 polarized gradient is available to optical laboratories in Semi-finished lens blanks.
They are offered in 2 colour combinations:
1.Top: Dark Grey 85% light absorption – Bottom: Light Grey 70% light absorption
2. Top: Dark Brown 85% light absorption – Bottom: Light Grey 70% light absorption

Both combinations are aesthetically pleasing and allow prescription lens users to enjoy the most
fashionable sunwear styles combined with everything modern ophthalmic technology has to offer:
most advance progressive designs, scratch resistant and anti-reflective coatings and of course Nupolar® technology.

Nupolar® polarization technology is present from the top to the bottom of the gradient lens without
any compromise in polarization efficiency which is maintained at 99%.

Nupolar® polarized Rx lens product line has the widest choice of materials colours and treatments
which allow every ophthalmic lens user to choose polarized prescription lenses suitable to their
prescription, life style and aesthetics without compromises. Visit website to learn
more about Nupolar® technology and lens availability.

For additional information please see the enclosed technical specification or contact Younger Optics
Europe customer service

September 2020
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