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Camber 1.67 UV 420 - PRESS-RELEASE

Camber technology (logo) Younger Optics Europe announces the launch of Camber 1.67 UV 420 product effective immediately.

Camber 1.67 UV 420 is designed to address the demand for lenses which protect wearers from short wavelength blue light commonly emitted by LCD displays of phones and tablets as well as the LED light sources which are now common in lighting technology and car headlights.

Camber 1.67 UV 420 blocks 100% of entire UV light spectrum and eliminates the blue light spectrum between 380 and 420 nm which is regarded by many ophthalmologists as most disruptive to a human eye, while maintaining total clarity and perfect recognition of all colors of the spectrum.

amber 1.67 UV 420 enhances Camber technology family of the most advanced progressive lenses which already offers the widest availability of materials and spectral treatments including Transitions® Signature and XTRActive® photochromic lenses as well as Nupolar® polarized lenses.
For additional information please see the enclosed techspec or contact Younger Optics Europe
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August 2019

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