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Younger Optics Europe launches a new multilingual website promoting its award-winning Nupolar® ophthalmic polarized lenses. The interactive website is designed to for optical retailers and consumers. Using vivid graphics and animations explains benefits and advantages of polarized Rx sunwear for the consumers and optical retailers and highlights unique technological features of Nupolar® lenses. The website also contains the authentication option for Nupolar® lenses allowing consumer to register its Nupolar purchases and join the loyalty program featuring potential to win prizes using the authenticity card with unique code which will be provided via optical laboratories processing Nupolar Rx lenses. 
The website is another addition to a comprehensive marketing array of tools which allow optical professionals to effortlessly explain and demonstrate polarization features to its customers raising the awareness of premium Rx sunwear.   The website will be proliferated throughout the internet using modern tools of digital content promotions such as Google AdWords and optical professional digital media. It will be updated and enhances regularly with consumer and professional content and additional languages.

Nupolar® is a registered trade mark of Younger Mfg. Corporation
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