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Younger Optics Europe announces the launch of the Nupolar® polarized gradient ophthalmic lenses – the new revolutionary product expanding even further the most comprehensive polarized product portfolio in ophthalmic lens industry.  Nupolar® Gradient will allow optical laboratories to offer the most fashionable gradient tints in combination with polarization - the most technologically advanced feature of ophthalmic sun lenses without need of the unreliable lens tinting process.
Nupolar® polarized gradient is available in polycarbonate semi-finished lens blanks in bases of for all laboratory customers of Younger Optics. They are offered in 2 colour combinations: 1.Top:  Dark Grey 85% light absorption – Bottom: Light Grey 70% light absorption 2. Top: Dark Brown 80% light absorption – Bottom: Light Grey 70% light absorption.
Nupolar® polarization technology is present at the top and the bottom of the gradient lens without any compromise in polarization efficiency which is maintained at 99%.
The gradient effect is achieved through special treatment of polarizing film which is fully encapsulated inside the lens and, therefore, protected from potential color fading.
For additional information and technical specification please contact Younger Optics Europe Customer Service
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