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Younger Optics Europe launches Nupolar® Infinite Grey™ ophthalmic lenses

Younger Optics announces the release of Nupolar® Infinite Grey™ lens – a new generation of prescription sunwear products. Combining the award-winning Nupolar polarization technology with state-of-the art photochromic, Nupolar Infinite Grey addresses a very important aspect of adaptability of ophthalmic lens users to corrective sunlenses.

Nupolar® Infinite Grey™ offers the widest possible range of light transmittance while maintaining 99% polarization efficiency, therefore not compromising the blocking of blinding glare.

In the lightest state, it has 65% light absorption providing great vision in overcast weather or even indoors. When fully activated, lens light absorption goes up to the highest permissible level reaching 91%.  The level of activation depends on the intensity of light surrounding the wearer so lenses always adjust to the most comfortable absorption level in each situation. The lens also allows application of functional AR or fashionable mirror coatings without any compromise of photochromic performance offering the wearers opportunity to use the most stylish sunwear normally available only in non-corrective sunglasses.

Nupolar® Infinite Grey™ will be available in 1.50 index and 1.586 polycarbonate semi-finished lens blanks in eight base curves offering optical laboratories opportunity to supply the widest selection of free form progressive and single vision lenses
For more information please see the enclosed brochure or contact Younger Optics Europe customer support desk at
September 12, 2017
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