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Younger Optics Europe Launches Drivewear® Image® progressive lens

March 30, 2007
Younger Optics Europe announces the launch of Drivewear® Image® progressive semi-finished lenses to continue the expansion of the new lens category designed for drivers.
As the single vision Drivewear® lens, Drivewear® Image® utilizes Nupolar® polarization technology to block blinding glare and Activated by Transitions® revolutionary technology that enables the lens to darken inside the car and to adjust its color and light absorption properties based on the surrounding lighting conditions.
This product is designed as the ultimate day time lens for the presbiopes who regularly drive a car. The award-winning Image® progressive design provides one of the largest in the industry distance visual area while with 18 mm allowable fitting height offers the widest choice of ophthalmic frames for the users.
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