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Nupolar® 1.60 MR-8

Younger Optics announces the launch of Nupolar® 1.60 MR-8 product line in Europe and Middle East regions. The result of several years of the extensive R&D work, the Nupolar® 1.60 lenses represent a great enhancement of Younger Optics polarized portfolio. This product is especially important for Europe where polarized lenses and 1.60 lenses continue to gain market share. With this introduction, Nupolar product line will be the most complete in the industry. In addition to 1.60 MR-8, Nupolar® is available in 1.5 Hard Resin, Polycarbonate, Trivex® and 1.67 MR-10 materials.
Nupolar® 1.60 lenses offer all the technological advantages which are characteristic of all Nupolar® polarized lenses. They are manufactured using Younger proprietary polarized film technology as well as the methods of film placement inside the lens and bonding it to the lens materials. Younger polarized film is specifically developed for prescription lens application. Its thermal resistance and environmental durability characteristics insure that Nupolar® lenses go through the laboratory processing and coating applications without any color or polarization efficiency changes.  The polarized film placement and adhesion technologies guarantee against the film separations in processing and allow manufacturing lenses with minimum center or edge thickness.
Nupolar® 1.60 Semi-finished Single Vision lens blanks are currently available in traditional Grey 3 and Brown colors. Younger Optics plans to add Green color in the near future.
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Nupolar® is a registered trade mark of Younger Optics
Trivex® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries
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