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Younger Optics Europe announces dramatic expansion of Transitions® product line

Younger Optics Europe announces dramatic expansion of Transitions® product line by launching 6 new Transitions products at the beginning of second quarter of 2016.

Younger introduces a new Transitions® Signature colour Graphite Green to allow its customers to align with recently announced Transitions® consumer advertising campaign. The campaign will be dedicated to Transitions brand in general but will feature images of Graphite Green colors of lenses in its images. The Graphite Green Transitions® lenses are available in the following configuration:
  • 1.50 SFDS 77 mm  Uncoated and Hardcoated
  • 1.50 SFSV 72 mm Uncoated and Hardcoated
  • 1.60 SFSV Uncoated and Hardcoated
  • 1.67 SFSV Uncoated and Hardcoated
Also, in April 2016 Younger will launch a new line of Transitions® Signature finished aspheric lenses in 1.67 refractive index. The lens will be available with high efficiency Super Hydrophobic AR coating.  The availability of this product will enable Younger laboratory customers to offer more economic Transitions 1.67 lenses for myopic clients compared to the product which requires surfacing. The product will be available in traditional Grey and Brown colours.

Finally, in February 2016 Younger Optics has launched Transitions® Signature Polycarbonate Composite FT28 Bi-Focal lens.  This product is a result of joint development program between Younger Optics and Transitions®. The program made it possible to introduce Transitions® Polycarbonate Bifocal lens for the first time Transitions® history. While the product is very important for North and South American markets, it can also provide niche differentiation in various European and Asian markets.

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